Best Dog Food May 2022

What's the best dog food? Here are Best Pet Advisor's Editor's Choice award winners... the safest and most trusted brands.

What are the top dog food comparisons?
Top Dog Food ComparisonsPurina vs PedigreeRoyal Canin-vs-BlueBuffaloIams vs Purina OneBest Small Breed Dog FoodBest Chihuahua Dog Foods
Best Puppy Foods
Best Dry Puppy Foods
Best Wet Puppy Foods
Best Large Breed Puppy Foods
Best Small Breed Puppy Foods
Best Dry Dog Foods
Best Wet Dog Foods
Best Raw Dog Foods
Best Senior Dog Foods
Best Grain Free Dog Foods
Best Grain-Free Dry Dog Foods
Best Dog Food with Grain
Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach
Best Dog Food for Small Dogs
Best Dog Food for Large Breed Adults
Best Budget-Friendly Dog Foods
Best Dog Foods for Allergies
Best Dog Food for Weight Loss
Best Organic Dog Foods
Best Low Fat Dog Foods
Best Dog Foods for Specific Breeds
January 2021
Best Dog Foods for Specific Breeds
Best Dog Food for Chihuahuas
Best Dog Food for French Bulldogs
Best Dog Food for German Shepherds
Best Dog Food for Golden Retrievers
Best Dog Food for Labrador Retrievers
Best Dog Food for Pitbulls
Best Dog Food for Siberian Huskies