Can rabbits eat radishes?

Rabbits can consume radishes healthily, but only in little amounts as a reward. You may also give radish tops to your rabbits. Learn more about it.

I have conflicting thoughts regarding radishes. I usually believe I just do not like them until they appear in a salads and I discover that I appreciate the crisp texture and peppery flavour.

But, if you're anything like me, you start looking at your plate and thinking, "Could I give those radishes to my bunnies?"

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Can rabbits eat Supermarket radishes?

Radishes are safe for rabbits to consume since they are not poisonous to them. However, you should not give your bunny radishes in big quantities since they are heavy in starch, which may cause stomach troubles, gas, and bloating in rabbits. Radish tops (the greens) are better for bunnies, and you may offer them as part of normal fresh greens. Hay should always be a rabbit's major source of nutrition.

Can rabbits eat the tops and leaves of radishes?

Bunnies may safely consume radish tops. Because the leaves are beneficial to rabbits, you may give them radish tops.

A medium-sized rabbit's daily meal should consist mostly of hay and water, with maybe an 1/2 cup full of rabbit nuggets and a scattering of greens thrown in for good measure. The radish tops may be mixed in with the sprinkling of greens.

What part or quantity - or much of radish should I feed my rabbit?

You should only give your rabbit a modest quantity of radish - a handful of little radishes.

Radishes' starchy content might be problematic in excessive numbers (see below).

What nutritional advantages do radishes provide for rabbits?


Amount in grammes for 100g of radishes
Calories: 66kJ (16 kcal)
Vitamin C14.8mg Calcium25mg Iron0.34mg Magnesium10mg Manganese0.069mg Phosphorus20mg Potassium233mg Zinc0.28mg Fat0.1g Carbohydrate3.4g Fibre1.6g Protein0.68g

Radishes are high in nutrients. Radishes do contain certain nutrients that are beneficial to rabbits. The biggest contributors, however, are water (radishes comprise almost 95% water) and carbs.

Radishes are likewise abundant in vitamin C, although rabbits do not need it in their diet (they can can make vitamin C themselves).

So there's nothing poisonous about radishes; they're simply not that good for rabbits' health.

In addition, a high quantity of starch may cause GI stasis if consumed in excessive amounts (see below).

What are the dangers of rabbits eating radishes?

In two ways, eating far to much radish may be harmful to rabbits.

The high calorie content may contribute to overweight bunnies, and overweight is not good for rabbits.

More importantly, too much radish may cause digestive issues.

Bunnies digestive systems are sensitive, and they need a lot of fibre to maintain them moving and pooing well.

A lot of starchy food may get in the way of this, generating gas (which is uncomfortable for rabbits) and, in severe cases, intestinal stasis. This is a sort of constipation in rabbits that may be lethal.

If you feel your rabbit is suffering from this, call a veterinarian right once.

So the major danger of rabbits devouring radishes is that if you give your bunnies too much.

Do rabbits consume radishes grown in gardens? Peter Rabbit did it…

Rabbits do eat radishes inside the yard, so if you have one, try to keep it protected.

Beatrix Potter was familiar with bunnies.

Our rabbits have always reminded me of children. Little children may prefer new meals at times, but they may also turn up their noses, move their ears to the side, and continue to close their mouths for any number of reasons.

Rabbits, like humans, have dietary preferences. Some buns will eat up radishes and stare at you as though you're going to offer them second (don't give in - just feed radishes in modest amounts). Other buns will smell a radish before turning away and ignoring it.

Our rabbits aren't thrilled.

They peered, smelled, and turned away.

Little squabbling creatures… So don't be startled or concerned if your rabbit doesn't like radishes. Simply find them foods they like (as long as the majority of their diet consists of hay – you can learn more about why it is crucial here).


Bunnies can consume radishes, only as a tiny treat every now and again. Radishes are not especially nutritious for rabbits, but too much of them may be harmful.

You can also safely give radish tops to rabbits - these greens are healthier than in the radishes themselves and may supplement the greens rabbits consume on a daily basis.