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PraesentBetta Fishes are Special and certainly unique with their vibrant colors – however, they have a real personality and our aim is to guide you through the joys and challenges of your own Betta Fish family

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Betta Fish History
Betta Fish History

Beta Fish History

Betta fish history is a great place to start when learning about bettas. 

Betta fish are small tropical freshwater fish from Southeast Asia. They were originally bred as food but over time became popular as aquarium pets.

Natural Betta Fish Home A LongTime Ago
Natural Betta Fish Home A LongTime Ago

Betta Fish Species

Betta fish are very attractive and friendly little creatures.

However, they can also be quite aggressive towards each other. This makes them perfect for showing how to train your pet to behave properly.

Betta fish food
Betta fish food

Betta fish Food

Betta Fish food is an important part of keeping bettas healthy.

Bettas require protein-based foods. Often they are feed flakes. The best betta foods are designed specifically for bettas.

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